Other Services

The following are some of the other services and issues we deal with:

Family Mediation

  • Parent/Child Relationships including teens
  • Marital or Couple Disputes
  • Sibling Conflicts

Post Divorce Mediation of the Agreement

  • New relationships
  • Unexpected job changes
  • Re-location

Custody/Visitation Mediation  

  • Parenting time including holidays/birthdays/vacations
  • Effective communication/de-escalation of conflict
  • Residential custody

Conflict Coaching

  • Preparing for a difficult conversation
  • Managing an ongoing conflict
  • Improving conflict competence

The following are some of the outside resources we can provide referrals to:

Professional Referrals

  • Drafting and review attorneys
  • Child therapists
  • Financial planners
  • Forensic accountants


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